Job Openings

Banking Industry

  • Retail Banking positions
  • Corporate Banking positions
  • Treasury Banking positions
  • Private Banking positons
  • Investment Banking positions
  • Middle Office and Back Office positions

Insurance Industry

  • Agency Distribution, such as Agency Development Executives, Professional Trainers, Recruiters
  • Partnership Distribution, such as Business Development Executives for Bancassurance & Brokerage, Professional Trainers
  • Direct & Digital Channel Professionals
  • Actuary and Product Development
  • Underwriting and Claims
  • Regulatory Compliance and Distribution/Product Governance

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Finance and Asset Management    

  • Chief Finance Officer and Finance & Accounting Managers
  • Responsible Officers of SFC Regulated Activities
  • Fund Managers and Investment Support Executives
  • Middle Office and Back Office supporting staff

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  • Multi-national Company
  • Telecommunications
  • IT
  • Hotel
  • Airlines
  • etc

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